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Game Development

If you want to create the games and game applications or want to become a Game Developer, start taking notes and make your first steps. Below you can find 3 steps that will allow you to succeed as a self-taught and get all the necessary skills.


Introduction To Game Design

Before creating games you will learn what a game is, why games are interesting. People who invent games and make them interesting are called game designers ․ At this stage you will get acquainted with the art of game design.


Introduction to Unity and Level Design

Video games are hard to imagine without modern technology ․ Powerful software called game engines have been created to create games of different complexity, size, and platform. At this stage you will get acquainted with one of the best game engines called Unity․ You will also create your first game levels with powerful tools of Unity .


Game Programing

Video games and programming are indistinguishable concepts. Our favorite games are built and played with code. At this level, you will learn how to code in C# and create your first complete game.


Final Project

You will create a 3D game from an idea stage, create levels for it and with the help of code make it a complete game

Lets start your way as a game developer


Daily 1 hour

Weekly 2 times

At least 6 months

18$ for hour

Let's start learning with us!

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