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If you want to become a chess grandmaster, then start taking notes and make your first steps. Below you can find 4 steps that will allow you to succeed as a self-taught and get all the necessary skills.


General chess

Most Important Chess "General Principles".



There are many ways to describe chess tactics, but perhaps the simplest is to say that a chess tactic is a move (or series of moves) that brings an advantage to a player.


Opening, Middlegame, Endgame

The game might be divided into three parts, i.e.:- 1. The opening. 2. The middle-game. 3. The end-game. There is one thing you must strive for, to be equally efficient in the three parts. Whether you are a strong or a weak player, you should try to be of equal strength in the three parts.

Lets start your way as a chess grandmaster


Daily 1 hour

Weekly 2 times

At least 6 months

18$ for hour

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