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Character Design

If you want to become a Character designer, then start taking notes and make your first steps. Below you can find 4 steps that will allow you to succeed as a self-taught and get all the necessary skills.


Introduction of Art and Character design

Introduction of Art and Character design, Sketching practice, Character creation brainstorming.  We will learn sketching, character design basics, human anatomy, digital and analog art genres, color theory. Will make a character for imaginated game or animation and assets for them.  


Finalizing Character line art front side.

The program is a 4-6 week course.  Finalizing Character line art front side. Starting facial expression part .


Character poses and mood.

Assets sketches. Finalizing assets.  Color theory and coloring methods Final result: 3 Poses , 4 Facial expressions , 2-3 assets  


Course Goal

The course goal is to help you develop your drawing skills, learn about the field under the guidance of our specialists and in a friendly environment, and lay a competent foundation for your knowledge.In addition to technical knowledge, our program will allow you to develop your creative environment and mindset.

Lets start your way as a character designer


Daily 1 hour

Weekly 2 times

At least 6 months

18$ for hour

Let's start learning with us!

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